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Our Company is a reality divided into two sectors.

The first sector concerns the marketing and sale of a series of supplements; the second one is focused on the study of new molecules in the pharmaceutical sector, and has lead to flattering results; in fact, we have been granted a European patent both as formulation and as medical indication. Moreover, we have filed several patent applications waiting to be granted, in both Italy and Europe.

Italfar was born in 1999, and, while people were wondering about the future of the pharmaceutical sector, we were thinking of how to start a company that could offer innovative and effective products meeting the needs of children, old people, and adults, as well.

Our pediatric line is, among all, the most complete one. The first products gave the green light; subsequently, other supplements have been capable of capturing a small chunk of the market, which is big and important to us.

In early 2010 we were granted the ISS certification for a new Medical Device IIB, with the active ingredients of one of our European patents in three formulations.

Our aim is to produce by always bearing in mind the usefulness of the product, so that our customers are satisfied and we can be sure of having done a good job. Because only then we will achieve the goal we set: being on the market with innovation and quality.

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